When I walk in the front door of my home, it feels like it actually hugs me. No matter what’s going on in my life, I step inside and I feel amazing.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be!

We live in a very strange time right now and our home, the place that we’re supposed to feel so secure at sometimes almost feels like a prison and it can be very stressful. I’m curious, if you’re out and about, are you getting stressed a lot? Do you ever come home stressed out after a really tiring day, maybe a day that you just weren’t feeling yourself or a really bad day in general? Perhaps you just feel sad and you don’t know what to do, and things are just going kind of wonky? Maybe you come home and walk through that door expecting to feel all the BS disappear, but the problem is, it doesn’t disappear. That energy comes in the door with you and then it sits with you. Then it continues to fester, as I call it, and you’re not able to breathe or see past what’s going on, because it’s still with you. This makes it very difficult to find inspired action. Especially if you want to step forward and think, feel and do things differently.

I remember a period of time when that was my experience. I love my home. I lived in another home just like a block away, like six years ago. And I felt depleted all the time in it. Not so great things were always happening. It was one thing after another happening in the space itself. And it just continued on really. It continued until I left the place and when I left, it was a really off situation as well.

I felt like I was pushed out of my home. I remember these feelings and what I dealt with every single day in that space. It was a really difficult time and when I moved into this space, I felt here as well for a bit. I asked myself why is this happening? It’s gotta be something that I’m doing, something that I’m bringing into the space. Then I started shifting things and removing stuff from my home environment.

This got me thinking and I realized that with everything that’s been going on, we never know what’s happening or not happening these days. More than ever, our whole environment really needs to be our sanctuary. It needs to be the place that we come home to, that everything falls off of us, a place that uplifts us and protects us. It must inspire us and allow us to feel secure and confident. Our home should feel like it’s hugging us. When you come into the space, you feel love in your heart and all the other stuff disappears.

How to take that environment when your home isn’t helping you feel peaceful, calm, or inspired, and we are going to figure out how to shift it. 

Your surroundings make a difference in how you feel, how you achieve anything in life, and how you step forward in living your dreams.

How you feel in your home environment makes a huge difference. How do you feel when you walk in the door of your home? Is there a lot of stress around you, sadness, perhaps confusion? The list goes on.

I am going to go over ways to shift the energy in your spaces, raise your vibes, and live a much more empowered life. We can’t do that when everything is bringing us down, we have to go up! In today’s blog, I will discuss what you can remove from your environment, how you can start to vibe high, feel at peace, and your energy rising instead of it becoming deflated.

5 Things To Remove From Your Environment to Vibe High and To Have a Sanctuary That Empowers You, Instead of the Prison That Depletes You.   

  • Remove past energies from your space – There are various ways that you can do this, but the easiest way I found is to cleanse it with Sage and then diffuse cleansing essential oils around the space. Go through the entire home and Sage everything, clearing out the energy so that the past stays in the past and out of your space. What was there before you moved in, who was there, the experiences, that do not need to attach themselves to you? I can almost guarantee that 99% of everybody moves into a space that they didn’t build. Even if they did, there’s that energy too. So you’re getting other people’s energies. Clean that out, clear that out and get rid of that! Go through every crevice, every corner and clean out the energy, then diffuse specific essential oils that will cleanse out the environment as well. It works fantastically.


  • Remove people that are negative, with a victim mentality, bring you down and poopoo your ideas and dreams. People that think small and never cheer you on. – You might not like hearing this, but it’s the truth. Remove people from your environment that are negative, that have a victim mentality, that is bringing you down, that remind you of mistakes and anything that isn’t empowering. People that poopoo your ideas and your dreams, that say you can’t do it. “It didn’t work before, nobody else is doing it”. That keeps you small. They think small and they’re putting it on you so never have those people’s energies around you. If they’re not cheering you on to your greatness, then they don’t need to be in your life because you need to surround yourself with people that love you. Negative energy effects, affects, and infects you!  It is so important to always look for things that are positive in a situation. If you truly want to live a high vibrational, heart-based life creatively doing what you want, then you have to surround yourself with the right people. People that love you, people that cherish, people that always say yes, and that are excited for you.


  • Remove toxic chemicals. Your body & home care products are filled with toxins that vibrate low. – You may not realize how it affects you as an individual, but it also affects your home energy as well. 
 Questions to ask yourself.
  • What do you use in your shower? What’s in your shampoo and body care products?
  • What are you cleaning your floor with? You’re walking on that floor, barefooted! Your animals are walking on that floor. Those chemicals, you’re breathing in and so are your pets as well.
  • What are you cleaning your laundry with? The residue from that soap is going into your skin, your body because the largest organ we have is our skin. 
  • What are you rubbing on your skin? It’s depleting your energy. If it’s not plant-based, it needs to go. It does because it’s toxic and because lowers the vibration in your home environment, but it also lowers your personal, physical vibration as well, and can make you sick. The toxins in the environment, the chemicals, vibrate really low, and they bring the overall energy of you and then space down.

I received one of the best compliments I think I’ve ever gotten. I had an Airbnb guest tell me she saw my profile and chose my place because of what it says in the profile. When she arrived, she said to me that she didn’t even want to go see stuff. She said, “Your home is so peaceful and calm, soothing and inspiring. I feel energized just being in it. I don’t need to go see stuff”. When she walked into my space, she felt that positive energy as well and that it uplifted her. That made my heart sing.

These things that I do make the biggest difference. I’ve gotten rid of every single chemical. My hair care, my body care, my makeup, my dog products, my household cleaners, my laundry. I don’t even use dryer sheets anymore. (that’s another story)  I have gone down the rabbit hole on this and I’m so happy I did! I have some PDFs about this and teaching ways to transition to non-toxic cleaning and also about what to look for specifically if you don’t know how to detect it easily. There’s an app as well. Please feel free to comment or message me and I’m happy to get this info off to you because it really does make a difference.

You will feel a huge shift when you get rid of using any sort of toxic chemicals.

  • Remove the news etc from what you watch on TV, better yet remove TV all together. – News is mostly negative, especially in the morning, but really all day. Any sort of news or negative TV and the energy that comes off the TV is horrendous. News and specific programs are the worst. If it’s not high vibrational, positive or uplifting, you don’t need to watch it. For instance, murder shows, murder mysteries, people dying, anything like that is extremely negative in nature and lowers your vibration. It also attaches itself to the space and you surround yourself with it. That sits in your energy.

As for me, I don’t watch TV at all. I watch a movie from time to time, but no TV at all. I use that time for something more uplifting and positive in my life. If you do like watching TV, at least remove all programs that are negative in nature, and absolutely the news. It’s doing nothing but stressing you out and bringing more of that energy into your life and directing you exactly as they want. Remember, it’s for-profit for a reason!  They want to keep you watching. The only way they’re going to keep you watching is to give you negative nasty news. If everything is wonderful, you won’t need to watch it.

  • Remove negative music and books – I started doing this and what a difference it made. Books like murder, mysteries, killing people, anything really nasty and derogatory. The same with music. That energy lowers your vibration and it stays in your environment. It must be uplifting and positive or remove it.  If it’s not really powerfully uplifting, then it’s bringing down. There’s a lot of fantastic books and music out there. I listen to the most amazing mix from Tony Robbins. It’s awesome. I’ve created my own as well. That’s really uplifting, fun music.


When you take all this out of your environment, the energy itself starts shifting and begins to raise. Causing it to get better and better. 

Next week we are going to talk about what you can add to your environment to SUPERCHARGE it. That’s when it starts to feel like a hug when you enter.

You are an amazing being, and you’re meant to share your gifts with the world. The only way you can do that is to be empowered and inspired. The best way to support that is to have an amazing space.

Clearing out toxins, what to look for, and how to start swapping out those old products for a more high-vibrational, better line of plant-based products can be overwhelming. If you would like my PDFs on Toxin-Free Living, Discovering what toxins are and what to look for in the products, and how to start swapping out for better alternatives, please leave a comment or email me @ IAmCreativelyLisa@gmail.com.  I’m happy to share that with you.

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