Whilst it’s true that your life is yours and no others, and the journey you’re on is for you and you alone – there’s nothing to gain from trying to walk it alone. You will have no hesitation in helping others in your life, it’s time to let yourself be helped.

Successful people – those who achieve what they set out to, those who created a life for themselves that they always wanted. The chances are if you were to ask 100 of them, most if not all would tell you that they’ve had a mentor along the way.

Mentors are essential to not only growth but throughout our entire life. If you think about it, you could probably identify many people who have been your mentors in the past, without you even knowing or thinking it at the time.

Parents, school teachers, friends, colleagues – they all will have mentored you to a certain capacity. Mentoring can be mistaken as being told what to do, but it’s quite the contrary. Mentorship is about being supported on your journey, being advised on the routes you can take and ultimately being able to make your own decisions.

Mentors can take different shapes, but there is two types you really want to search for. A mentor who has walked the path you’re now on and reached the destination you seek is a great mentor for you to have. Likewise, a mentor who has helped others reach the destination you’re after also makes a good choice.


Think about who is around you who might serve as a good mentor? It’s not just a case of finding somebody with the title of “mentor”. Anybody with experiences valuable to you can be a mentor.

What groups can you join and participate in, whose members and leaders would make great mentors for you?  Who can introduce you to such groups and mentors? It’s important to take the time to really think about who you have access to, or could easily have access to.

As well as being mentored and learning from the experiences of others, there are other ways you can enhance your progress and get you to where you want to get to much faster.

Essential oils such as Clarity, Oiila Friends & Highest Potential, as well as Crystals like Tiger Eye, Clear Quartz & Amethyst will help you to focus on your goals as well as finding creative ways to overcome any obstacles you come across.



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