Early on when I was figuring out what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it, I found myself chasing the next best “sure thing.” I would copy what some successful person was doing.  The problem was that what worked for them did not work for me nor did it feel right.  I always felt something was missing in my approach, my path in how I was doing it and it did NOT feel fun. It felt grueling. I know if I could “figure it out”, I would be successful, it would be fun and resonate with others.  The whole reason I chose to do “my own thing” was for the fun and freedom of it, which is why most people desire it. This is exactly why people start steering away from the traditional JOB path.

You know what a cover band is? A cover band is a band that plays other people’s music, and they often fill music venues and make money, but at the end of the night people go home singing the music. Cover bands are often quickly forgotten, but the music lives on. In the Accidental Creative Podcast, they closed off with the phrase “cover bands don’t change the world – you need to find your unique voice if you want to thrive.”

This doesn’t mean that imitation is always wrong. In fact, “faking it to making it” is an important part in discovering who you are and most importantly who you are NOT.  I realized quickly that this path was certainly not a short-cut to success. It was actually the opposite. It may work short term, but the success will be hollow, short lived, and without a foundation. It will come crashing down. In order to add lasting, meaningful value for ourselves and others, we must – eventually – find our own creative voice.

But how do we do that? With the pressures and demands of daily life and work, it can often be overwhelming simply to deliver on expectations, let alone to discover some unique way of engaging in our life. Finding the quietness to hear our inner voice and discover who we really are is the space we need. But it’s often in the midst of our work that we will find the best clues for our deeper, resonant vocation. The sources of both “voice” and “vocation” are close to the Latin word vocare, which means “to call, or invoke”. Our voice is the thing that is being called out of us in the midst of our work. It is the underlying why of our passion, even if we’ve never considered it.

We must actively search for our voice, and clear a path for it to emerge fearlessly. It is uncovered, not manufactured. It has always been there. We may not even like what we discover at first, but by embracing it, we will position ourselves to occupy the unique space for which we’re wired.

Here are a few questions that may help uncover clues to finding your voice

Set aside some time with a notebook or journal to reflect on each:  *Tip: Have a flourite stone near you and diffuse an essential oil blend for clarity when you begin.

What angers you? Every superhero needs a bad guy. Without one, the super hero has nothing to fight against. Are there specific things that evoke a compassionate anger in you? (Key point of differentiation: this is not about road rage, poor service, or leaving dog’s poop on the ground.) We’re talking about the systemic things that evoke a desire to intervene in a situation as an act of compassion or to rectify a great wrong.) For me this came about in seeing people miserable at a traditional job wanting something different for themselves. The old paradigm was no longer working and change needed to happen for people to truly live in their heart space and be happy.

What makes you cry? Think about the last several instances that caused you to cry. Movies are fair game too. I’ve noticed that I almost always tear up when I see people become deflated and the excitement leaves their being, they just exist. I also find that seeing stories of people overcoming incredible odds and succeeding in a huge way inspire tears as well. This is a clue that my greatest work may be somehow involved with being a light and inspiring those who are searching for alternative change in their lives.

What are you really good at or super knowledgeable about?  What is a no-brainer? Are there tasks, skills, or opportunities that you have simply mastered and can do without thinking? These low-friction activities might give you a clue to ways you can continue pursuing your voice. We learn through action, observation, then correction. Start with what you do well, and work your way toward your goal.

What sets you on fire? What are you passionate about and enjoy? What do you look forward to? What great vision do you have for your future and the future of others? This is a powerful motivator & can give you a clue to ways in which you may be able to compel others to act.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? We often forget the earliest clues to our voice as we are burdened with the expectations of peers, teachers, parents, and eventually the marketplace. But those early days of wonder – the vast expanses of horizon that hint at limitless possibility – can give us insight into the deeper seeds of fascination that still reside within us. So…what did/do you want to be when you grow up?

If you wave a magic wand and anything was possible and you had all the time and money in the world, what would you do? It astounds me how can’t even think that large and few people ask themselves this question, and it astounds me more how few people can arrive at an answer when they do. We believe that a lack of resources is the obstacle to our happiness and fulfillment, but for many of us the limitation has nothing to do with a lack of money or time. The limitation is our fear of falling short of our own self-perception. We point fingers at others because we can’t reconcile our own fear of engagement. We don’t think about limitless possibility because we are afraid of what would happen if we were to get it.

What would blow your mind? (Thanks to Mike Dooley TUT for this one.) Take about an hour to list 30 things that would blow your mind if they happened. Around about number 20 is where things start getting tough, keep going! You will quickly discover how many limitations you actually put on yourself without even realizing. Still keep going! List out every thing that would thrill you if it were to happen, including relational things, business things, travel, ambitions, hopes, etc. This is something to do at least once a year and you will see it stretching each time. I have looked back over my lists and see how many was actually accomplished, which fuels you to keep going! It’s a great way to identify patterns of inspiration and what motivates you.

What platform do you enjoy most and spend more time on? Audio, video or text? I love audio and video and find doing LIVES and videos fun. You don’t need to start over. Go with what is already working for you and build on that. What foundation can you grow and begin to affect the kind of change you’d like to see? You must “do it to see it!”

What change would you like to see in the world? If you could identify one canalyst, domino as it were – one thing that would change many – what would it be? What would be different about the world because you lived? Be fearless and think big, be specific. This goes for relationships as well. The most significant change we have the ability to make is that in the lives of others, always pay it forward.

If this was your last day on this planet, how would you spend it? If you knew that you would disappear at midnight, how would you spend your last day on earth? What questions would you ask? Who would you spend time with? What work would you do? Again, this is an interesting way to begin identifying patterns within your passions, skills, and experiences and expertise.

In order to add lasting, meaningful value in our our lives and the world around us, we must – find our own voice. Others will miss out without your creative voice.

Your Voice, YOU are needed. You are not disposable, your contribution in the world is not discretionary. Do not abdicate your contribution. If you do, you will spend the final days of your life wishing you’d treated your time here with more purpose. Today, here, now, in this moment, be fearless and decide to uncover your voice and begin acting to effect change in your life, thereby, this world. You may be reluctant to accept the role that you play, but do it anyway.  Don’t die with your music still in you. Die empty. We must all Step Into Purpose & Live Outside the Lines.

You can read the main post from last month that is our topic for this whole month, Crystal Clear Inspiration-Using Essential Oils & Crystals to Gain Clarity in Find your voice.

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