Walking Into The Life You Want, One Step At A Time…

Wherever we find ourselves in our lives, we always want more from it – almost as if we’re seeking a new life entirely. We perceive it as being like a huge puzzle, with a thousand moving pieces that all need to fall in place at the right time for this new life to happen.

But in reality, none of us can wait for such a moment to happen. By simply waiting for it to happen eventually, will keep it from actually happening. Instead, ask yourself: What can I do now to live that life?  What does it feel like? What would I be doing? Start seeing and feeling yourself in that life. Believe

Diffuse essential oil “Believe”, “Into the Future” or “Clarity” as you ask yourself these questions will deepen the process. Start acting “As-If” and living the life you desire. Do things NOW that you would do in that dreamlife. Blue Apatite and Lapis Lazuli are great to have around for this purpose as well.

We must take control of the journey, taking ourselves from where we’re at today to the life we want. It’s not enough to simply live it, we have to create it for ourselves – no circumstances or anyone else can do this for us.

By taking control of our own destiny, we take a major first step. But this is just the first of many. Whatever your future life looks like, it’s not going to happen overnight. It requires weeks, months and even years to craft that new life – taking it a step at a time. That’s why it’s essential to start TODAY. Using Believe essential oil paired with Clear Quartz and Blue Apatite will keep you on path knowing YOUR truth.

By consistently taking steps day after day, week after week, you’ll slowly step into your new life. Think about all of the ways and steps you can take to move you further along. “Life” gets in the way at times, that’s ok, keep feeling into the life you want and moving forward. By giving a bit of time every single day, the power of consistency and belief will craft your life in time.And think deep too, about all of the elements or ‘pieces’ that make up your new life – there may be some that you can get in place very soon. This will give you a taste of the life that waits in store for you, and will help to motivate and propel you forward.

Above all, remember you’re not alone on this journey. Surround yourself with those who can support and aid you.

Using Essential Oils that aid you in focusing and thinking forward to the future are essential. Essential Oils such as Oola Grow, Grounding,  & Valor are great at doing this and can be molded into your daily action steps. Crystals can also help you in your process, again bringing clarity and focus for the future. Clear Quartz, Amethyst & Carnelian are great for this.

Crystal Clear Clarity

Essential Oils & Crystals support a healthy fulfilling life in many other ways – but it can be confusing which oils & which crystals do what and pairing them together is powerful when you know which to match. That’s why I’ve created Crystal Clear Clarity, an eBook designed to provide you with all of the information you’ll need to discover what is best for you.  To get your free copy, just click the link and I’ll send it right over to you!

You can read the pillar post from May that is our main topic for this whole month, How Do You Grow Your Creative Voice Into The Life You Choose?   My goal is to support you in finding your voice. These are ways that have made the biggest difference with me becoming solid on my voice and direction. I am posting this whole month on my Facebook Page, Creatively Lisa specifically on Finding Your Voice and using different oils and crystals in your surroundings to support and empower you.

I’ve been fortunate in knowing my purpose and being free to fulfill that – but that’s not always been the case and most waste far too many years of their life not knowing their purpose. If that is you and you are ready to Find Your Voice and live the life you are meant to with Total Freedom, then the Inspiration In A Box package is perfect for you. It contains everything that has made the difference for me and has inspired and supported me in my creative journey and anchored me in Finding My Voice and Stepping in to My Future.

I know my purpose and see my future now more than ever and excited to support you in yours. I just completed that last phase of the program and I’m so excited that it is ready. To get Inspiration In A Box and all the great additional bonuses I have added, 1 being the meditation reference ebooklet (with a couple great visualization meditations that will help you achieve great results from this post) , click on Inspiration In A Box , fill out the form and I’ll ship it right to you.

For me, it is about Inspiring Confident Creativity to Step into Purpose & Live Outside the Lines…


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