Have you felt like you just couldn’t do anything (lethargic, confused, depressed, sick even) and anything you did didn’t make a difference?

That was me for over a week, I was in a low point and couldn’t figure out why or what to do to pull myself out of it. No energy, sad, and feeling a bit sickly.

“Set Your Intention For Your Day and Watch How the Universe Lines It Up For You”

No energy, melancholy lack of clarity? — I was able to make the shift and come out in a far better place, back in my heart space in a high-vibe state before it continued down that wrong path.

5 tips To Go Right Side Up!

  1. Go within/ Presence
  2. Practice nonresistance
  3. Be the observer
  4. Do what I could to raise my vibration
  5. Boost my immune system with awesome supplements — Inner Defense and Vit D.

BONUS, cuz I always give one ? — Solfeggios

Are you ready to line up your real path to your life at the moment? WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to begin to live with these steps.

Everything we do is about vibration high or low and it’s up to each of us to make the change CONSISTENTLY

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to shift your energy PERMANENTLY

This is Creatively Lisa ~ Go out and create something magnificent!


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