Often negative energies cloud our minds and keep us from finding our creative voice.   This effect is sometimes caused by the surroundings where we dwell.

Your home space can be such a place that beholds such energies which stop you from having any kind of creativity or seeing a positive ray in your life, thus adding to the confusion. Your mind bogs down, and it is at this precise point when you need to cleanse your living space.

Cleansing your home from all sorts of old and stagnant energy lets your mind’s windows open up and enunciating the free flow of positive ideas. It is a vital step forward for you to make your surroundings beam with a charged up environment.

Te receive this effect, essential oils and crystals (Blue Lace Agate, Herkimer Diamond, Auralite 23, Jasper and Bumble Bee Jasper) help you to wade through. Smudging with a Sage Stick and always using a truly chemical free all in one cleaner (I LOVE mine!) and other space and energy cleaning products that are currently being used by many creatives will purify the atmosphere and home. Their energizing vibes are a reminder that each day is a fresh start and you can Live Your Passion and always move forward in life and with your dreams.

Inspiration then is like a swift breeze ruffling your mind’s feathers and whisking you away in a calming, creative space. This environment allows for Stepping into Purpose & Living Outside the Lines.

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about the specific tools I utilized to move me forward and help define my goals and path.

I will be going in depth on Creatively Lisa Facebook Page on this topic and others this month to support you in finding your voice, so please check out the page and click “Notify Me” to know when new posts and Lives are available. I am excited to share my process. I remember what it felt like to work somewhere I wasn’t happy and doing something that didn’t feed my soul.  We must all Step Into Purpose & Live Outside the Lines. When we do that, our light shines to help others.

I am putting together a package that you are able purchase to support your mind, body and spirit and keep you free from all disturbances so that you can hear that inner guidance. Please comment or send a message and I will get the info to you when it’s complete.

I’ve been so inspired that I’ve created a downloadable guide full of essential oil and crystal info and how to use them for the creative journey to move you closer to your purpose. If you would like to learn more about the oils I use and nature’s magical alternatives to support you on your journey and you’d like a copy then simply reach out. I made it for an easy reference! ? It can help you stay sane in the crazy world we live in today and step more fearlessly into your tomorrow.

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