What our mind thinks, our brain believes…

Although our sensory perceptions are guided by
the brain, our perspective is decided by the mind, a non-quantifiable entity without any
physical existence.

Psychology is central to our behaviour, to our whole existence as human beings per se.
External stimuli do play a pivotal role in directing it, but the internal stimuli, the physiological disruption can be underlying stealthy issue without realizing it.

Earlier last year, I was going through a lot of external struggles, so I thought… This went on for months with the struggles, negative thinking, not “feeling like doing anything”. I was in a hole and I was coming to the conclusion that if it continued this way, “what was the point?” I was done. I’ve never thought that way ever before in my life and realized that it was not really me. So I reached out to a close friend that was in my business and had much more knowledge of everything and also was a healer. She asked me about my hormones and that what I was going through seemed more of an imbalance hormonally. I needed to be using this product she had mentioned many times before.  Now mind you I knew about the product specifically and had “tried it” a couple of time and felt better. (I just didn’t thing “I” needed it!)  The funny thing was, I had actually even suggested it to a couple people that were getting amazing results, yet I didn’t realize I needed it.

It was a completely plant-based hormone balancer. It was a product that helped balance my hormones naturally. I asked how long it would take for it to start taking affect and she thought it would take at least 3 to 4 days. I called my friend and she immediately came over. I borrowed enough until my order would arrive. I noticed a difference in my thoughts and how I was feeling within 4 hours. I was seeing results by the time I put on my second application the following day and by that evening, I was right as rain. Back to the real me, the me I had remembered with energy, positive outlook, creative ideas and that type A-Go Get Em personality.

Hormone imbalance is now considered more common than ever before. With all the chemicals in use, it causes disruptions in our hormones.  What’s more important to note, new research suggests that psychological imbalances are more related and can be better diagnosed from the purview of hormonal imbalances.

A Hormonal Yin Yang 
Negativity, lack of clarity, lack of energy and desperate exaltation, these are common sub-conscious traits amongst
most of us. If you are conscious about such characteristics within you, chances are you might just as well be struggling to come to terms with them. It could be hormonal and not the “real” you.

You must ground yourself, gain a more incisive and unbiased perspective about life, and embark on a journey of positivity and harmony. Striking a balance in your life may be your first goal. Perhaps it not about meditation
or medication, at least not the necessary discourse of either.

Healing the effects of imbalance to that aspect of your body, which directs your mind and your soul. Take some time for yourself, research hormone imbalances and options*, listen to that little voice inside guiding you. These are important steps in balance and Finding Your Voice!

Hormones affect you and vice versa. So rebalance the You with the right set of stimuli and strike the necessary balance of hormones you need.

Essential oils and Crystals can help stimulate your mind and body to feel better. For example, there are essential oil blends that can support you in balancing hormonally. This in combination with Crystals, like Moonstone & Labradorite that balances hormones  or Pietersite that balances the endocrine system and production of hormones.

Elevate the procedure with other activities and products that can support you through this enlightening process like Stress Away Baths that nurture YOU. Take time to listen to yourself always

Born from chaos, meant to trickle down peace in souls, find the soul of Yin and Yang, and
you will find Harmony…

You can read the post from last month that is our main topic for this whole month, Crystal Clear Inspiration-Using Essential Oils & Crystals to Gain Clarity in Find your voice.  My goal is to support you in finding your voice. These are ways that have made the biggest difference with me becoming solid on my voice and direction. I am posting this whole month on my Facebook Page, Creatively Lisa specifically on Finding Your Voice and using different oils and crystals to support the process.

Gift yourself Inspiration in a Box. Prosper to a better You.

I am SO excited! I put together a package, INSPIRATION IN A BOX that is filled with what I used that has made a difference for me through the steps and has inspired and supported me in my creative journey, as well as, anchored me in Finding My Voice and Stepping in to My Future. Gain clarity, inspiration and become fearless mind, body and spirit so that you can hear that inner guidance leading you on your path. It’s being finalized now, message me if you would like to find out more about it, be in the BETA test group implementing it and receive a discount!

I’ve, also been created a downloadable guide full of essential oil and crystal info and how to use them for the creative journey to move you closer to your purpose. If you’re inspired to learn more about the oils I use and crystals, nature’s magical alternatives, to support you on your journey and you’d like a copy then simply reach out. It’s my GIFT to you! ? It has made such a difference for me and  it will for you as well.  Find your creative voice and step more fearlessly into your purpose.

*I have a few noninvasive, holistic options to help with the hormonal imbalances that I now can’t live without and happy to share with you once you look into it further and make the decision best for you.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.

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