Ask yourself these questions…

  • Who are the other people living the life that you want to live? 
  • Who are the other people living outside the lines? 
  • Who are other successful people in the business, field or activity you are interested in?

We all have places and destinations we want to reach in our lives. Some destinations require longer journeys to undertake than others, and more than often we’ll hit barriers and obstacles.

Whilst the journey you’re undertaking is yours and yours alone, it doesn’t mean you can’t seek help from those who have trodden the very same journey. There are people around the world who were in your shoes not so long ago – maybe a few years ago, maybe even a few months.

But since they’ve been able to take the journey and reach the very destination you’re striving to reach. And these are the people you want to seek out and find. There will be so many people who are at when you want to get, many of which will be happy to help you.

The key is to understand the power of mastery – learning from those who have reached the location and have the life you want to have. By taking their experiences, you’ll not only be able to achieve the life you want – you’ll do faster because you’ll be able to avoid many barriers and negate many obstacles. Remember the old saying “Why reinvent the wheel?”

It is however not enough to merely find somebody who has reached the destination you’re heading towards. You need to find somebody who started out where you started out. Somebody who had a very similar day-to-day life, with the same goals and same obstructions.

Think about your life as It stands today

  • What do you do for a living?
  • What is your daily routine?
  • What are your responsibilities?

Write this down and seek somebody who used to be just like you. Seek out people who have the life you want. Read their biographies, buy their courses, reach out and contact them.

Learn and study the very journey they took to get them from where they were, to where they are now – and model it. By learning from them you’ll be able to craft your very own map that will take you from your life today to your whole new life, wherever that is and whatever that looks like. Remember to have the life you want, you have to become the person who can have it. 😉

As well as learning from others, there are other ways you can enhance your progress and get you to where you want to get to much faster.

Essential oils such as Frankincense and Inspiration, and Crystals like Clear Quartz and Obsidian, will help you to focus on your goals as well as finding creative ways to overcome any obstacles you come across.

Crystal Clear Clarity

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