High-Vibe Go-Tos 


Jerrys Artarama – By far the best all around site for artist. It has the largest and best pricest art supplies ever.  It has lessons, classes, competitions and more. I’ve used it for years and it keeps getting better and better!


The Design People – Nic Morris is a web designer extraordinaire! I have been using his services for years! The work is fantastic and he is very creative! I always love his ideas.


Home Business


Create your first E-Book NOW! 

Attraction Marketing Bundle – This ‘Ultimate Attraction Marketing Bundle’ includes 68-page ‘all inclusive’ E-Book

82-minute mp3 Audiobook

Roundtable Mastermind with 20 Top Earners

WARNING: This is Only for Those Who Truly Believe in Their Products & Services and are Ready to Become Top Earners in Their Businesses…Is that YOU?

Attraction Marketing Bundle

Messenger Domination

A Simple 3-Step Plan to Unleash a “Messenger Bot” to Filter Leads, Close Sales and Grow Your Business While You Sleep, all on automation!

Messenger Domination

Traktivity – Simple & effective CRM With Traktivity, you can find, build & strengthen your connection while growing your bottomline!

  • Manage your prospects
  • Connect with your customers
  • Conquer your calendar
  • Support your team members

Get Traktivity NOW!

Kate McShea – I’ve taken courses from her and her style of teaching is simple and easy to follow. Simple training classes that teach how to grow your business through social media. You can follow her on Facebook and she has a lot of free content.


The Click Technique – I have been participating in Lindsey Anderson’s free training on Facebook now for over 2 months and the knowledge she has and all the extra support and “how-tos” you receive is unparalleled!  This book is a simple step-by-step on digital marketing done right! I highly recommend it and her! You can follow her on Facebook and join her private group. She has a lot of free content.

The Click Technique Book

Digital Minute/Second Timer – This is SO important! Keeps you focused on 1 task at a time and allows for time blocking! USE IT, you won’t regret it! 😉

Taylor Precision Products Digital Minute/Second Timer

Essential Oily Gallery – I couldn’t imagine my life without essential oils. I use them in my art studio to enhance my creativity, cleanse the air in the studio, keep me in my heart space, support my body, clean my home chemical free and overall body and personal care. It also has freed me to be able to create anytime and anywhere I choose without financial worry!


Artistic Living

Rock Chic – I love crystals and Emma is so awesome.  She knows her stuff and really cares about the stones, cleansing and how to implement them into your daily life.  I have used crystals for years creating art and life in general. It’s worth getting crystals from a good source and that’s Emma!

Rock Chic crystals


I am always looking for ways to improve myself and release blocks from the past. I want to become the best I can, so my dreams become reality. I have struggled with confidence and worthiness issues that have really held me back. These 2 programs, Silva & Holosync, have done more for me than everything else put together

Silva Life System

Find out more about Silva


Learn more about Holsync

Eccolo Journal – This journal is perfect to take notes in, write your goals and dreams and pretty much anything. I was gifted my first one and absolutely must use these. I like both sizes, but typically go with the 8×10 mostly. I will tab them out to keep everything organized. If you take notes during training or get brilliant inspired ideas, you will absolutely love them. Here’s my favorite ones!


Solfeggio Frequencies – These are just plain easy. You can put them on in the   background or sleep to it all night. If you are like me and like to be improving yourself all the time, then you will find you will always be listening to these.

Use the frequencies that will support you most.

Here’s a couple of my favorites: 432Hz Enlightened Healing Aura Cleanse for all 7 chakras https://youtu.be/c_L0PkTP6To

528Hz Repairs DNA & Brings Positive Transformation https://youtu.be/1MPRbX7ACh8

All 9 frequencieshttps://youtu.be/_IlOLzXkxEA

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