First, I want to apologize for getting this month’s posts out late. It is such an important part of being supported in Finding Your Voice. I have had a extremely busy month and just now able to spend quality focused time on getting this completed. My desire is it brings benefit in moving you forward. XXO

As the ancients say, one must make peace with their soul, their inner self to find happiness. But first, you must find your soul, the inner voice which defines You. Listen to what it says and wants. You must find your voice to truly live a fulfilled life.

Finding your Voice in Your Surrounding

How you feel in certain settings, at work, at home, with your core group of ‘friends’ is a sum of all negative and positive vibes you feel in each of these settings. At work, you may feel subdued by peer pressure, by just the work effort put on you or simply being there is not an enjoyable situation. At home, you may be left wanton for those smallest moments of gratitude and peace. With your group, you may not feel like going with the flow of prevalent thoughts and conversation.

Find Your Voice!

It is imperative that you speak up and be heard. You must put your thoughts to words and let them out. Fear not the repercussions.  You are not the centre of the world, but in your world, you can only be happy when you find your voice and say what you want to say, aspire for what YOU want. The more you trust yourself, the easier and quicker your true voice shines through and the confidence follows. I found that diffusing essential oils for clarity and peace made so much difference and constantly carried a tourmaline ball, rose quartz, quarts and amethyst with me.

Match Your Wavelength

An obvious resistance you will face when you start to find clarity and open up is from minds which are not in tune with yours. And these minds can be quite a few in numbers. So, perhaps you are not mingling with the right minds at all. You must search for people that support you during these times of discovery. I found that when I let some friendships go, I was able to grow more positively and the people that I have in my life are so much more supportive.

Give words to it. Fearlessly voice your opinions and follow them. Indulge in your thoughts and culture. Mingle with people that reflect what you feel and help you become a better being. Find friends that match your vibes and help you hone yours. If you think the world can be a better place, surround yourself with those who think likewise.

Detox and Live a Life Full

Breathe in the refreshing aroma of Essential Oils blends that will refresh the space with Citrus, allow you to Live With Passion and in Harmony to Find Your Voice. Detox from the negative vibes around you, on you and inside you.  Using sage to clear the space and having tourmaline is a must for removing any negativity. Cleaning your home with toxin free products that boost your mood and immune system keeps you moving forward positively. I find that drinking water with lemon vitality helps detox my body from the surrounding toxins we are inundated with.

Rekindle your self-belief with crystals like Quartz Crystal as it increases energy levels, enhances awareness and improves perceptions. Carnelian is great for courage and motivation to move forward and Citrine because it activates creativity and releases negative traits such as depression and fear leaving you with a space that empowers. Find your Crystal Clear Clarity of mind and you will find your voice beckoning you towards Nirvana.

The more grateful and sincerely happy you are and police the opposite when it pops up, will make the biggest difference in living a more fulfilled life and it will allow for an environment to Find Your Voice.

You can read the post from May that is our main topic for this whole month,  The Art of Creativity in Atmosphere – When Inspiration Strikes!  My goal is to support you in finding your voice. These are ways that have made the biggest difference with me becoming solid on my voice and direction. I am posting this whole month on my Facebook Page, Creatively Lisa specifically on Finding Your Voice and using different oils and crystals in your surroundings to support and empower you.

Crystal Clear Clarity

I am so excited about the eBook I created, Crystal Clear Clarity, that is full of essential oil and crystal info for support on this path.  If you would like it, for assistance in moving closer to your life’s purpose, then simply reach out to me for a copy.  It’s yours!


I am SO excited! I created this TOTAL package, INSPIRATION IN A BOX that is filled with what has made a difference for me through the steps and has inspired and supported me in my creative journey and anchored me in Finding My Voice and Stepping in to My Future. I know my purpose and see my future now more than ever and excited to support you in yours. 

(If you would like to be one of the first to see it and get your own INSPIRATION IN A BOX and start your journey on Finding Your Voice, please email me. For the first 6 people to email me @ IAmCreativelyLisa@gmail.com, you will receive 2 extra bonuses!)

For me, it is about Inspiring Confident Creativity to Step into Purpose & Live Outside the Lines…

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