Essential Oils & Crystals for the Quintessential You: Recharge Your Home

Essential oils and crystals are a part of a healthy life and lifestyle. While some essential oils have been subject to sound criticism, there can be no doubt that these natural ingredients make up a substantial part of what defines us. It can also helps redefine our inner voice,
recharge our home and our soul. It can also rekindle that spark of life that has been hidden in plain sight.

If you want to bring back what you feel is missing in your life, consider using essential oils and crystals in your most private space: your home.

Each essential oil and crystal has its unique use. All you need to do is identify which ones gel best with each room and which ones are best in the recesses.

Here are some pointers you can abide by, but most importantly use your instinct and start to uncover tor voice.

Dressing up your home- the EO way
For the home office space

If you have set aside a part of your home as your workplace, essential oils like peppermint and clarity are a necessity to bring focus and clarity to your day. Brain Power will support your mind and allow you to understand and process more. Abundance will add abundance to your activities, intentions and goals.

Shungite and other Pyrite crystals can prove highly beneficial. Tourmaline is another stone that absorbs negative energy. It also can transform the negative into the positive, These stones are unlike any found on Earth, for they are capable of absorbing harmful electromagnetic radiation. They are also very aesthetic and soothing in the home versus the brittle nature of artificial artefacts most people purchase.

Place some Shungite or tourmaline pieces around your workstation to promote creativity and drive productivity.


For the bedroom

Rose essential oil has an extremely high vibration and perfect for your bedroom space. It can open your heart chakra and allow for a loving peaceful space. Frankincense is great for grounding and meditation. It can really add a protective serenity to the environment. Dream Catcher is great to diffuse while you sleep for inspiring and peaceful dreams. Set your intention or ask your question before you go to sleep and when you awake, your answer or inspired thought will arrive.

Rose quartz is an excellent medium for sleep. This helps you relax while the pain flows away from your sinews. Experts have also connected Rose quartz to your heart chakra, something that instantly brings you a sense of calm and drowns out the noise so that you can find your inner voice.

Also suggested for your bedroom are Selenite and Amethyst. They add peace and tranquillity to your most private chambers and help you recharge with a restful sleep cycle. Besides, a Selenite crystal also helps you maintain a proper Circadian Cycle.

Something for the kids

Peace & Calming is great to calm the kids before bed and allow for relaxed reading time. Thieves is always great to have around and diffuse as it supports a healthy immune system for your little ones

Kids naturally have boundless zest for life. This natural energy can be properly channelized using pieces of Celestite crystals. Smoky Quartz and Blue Lace Agate for the kid’s bedrooms are ideal for their upbringing and being one with nature, from which we have strayed.

For your living room

Diffusing Stress Away in your living room add a great destressing energy to the space, while or Citrus Fresh can leave an invigorating scent for increased energy for those times you must “get things done!”

Consider using a Fluorite Plate and Amethyst to relax and distress in what is arguably the second most private chambers. These remove stress and promote well-being.

Finally, back where everything begins: the entry spaces. Diffuse Valor to ground the energies of outside and when you enter and Purification to cleanse the space of both energies and outside smells.

Placing some Black Tourmaline in a potted plant and watch the negative energy diffuse. Cleansing and charging your home as you would your body, and you will never be too far removed from your inner voice and the echoes of your soul.

Do not fall into the trap of cyclical and thoughtless criticism. They only invite negativity. Usher in the good vibes with great music, lofty ideals, and the essentials that are important for you to thrive.

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