We all want different things from and in our lives. But getting what we want isn’t as straightforward as it may first seem. We must first take ourselves down a journey of discovery to discover truly what it is that we want deep within our souls.

If somebody were to ask you what it is you wanted, you would probably be able to give a clear, concise, and confident answer. But that answer, what you believe you want, isn’t always the case.

Internal and external factors, including responsibilities, demands, and pressure, can mask what we truly want in life. This is why when so many people achieve what they’ve been after their entire lives, they’re not as happy as they expected to be. They hadn’t truly gotten what they wanted.

By taking yourself down the journey of discovery, you’ll force yourself to get real – not with others, but with yourself. Deep down, you know who you want to be, what you want to do, and what you want to have.

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Fear can be a critical roadblock that stands in the way of people discovering what it is they truly want. It’s important to be fearless during this process, and focus on what YOU WANT, what you FEEL and what you DESIRE. Don’t think of the consequences or possibilities that may stem from you getting all that you want.

You must be able to find your voice in a room of voices and listen to yours and yours alone. Other voices only cloud and influence what you believe you want and will stop you from being the person you actually want to be.

A great exercise is to write down everything you enjoy doing. As you write each thing down, start to think about what it is you enjoy about it – who do you become from doing those activities. Dig deep and be patient with yourself as you start to draw a true picture.


To help you really delve into your mind and discover the true you, ask yourself a question:

“If I had three wishes, what would I wish for?”

In that situation, you’d have the power to have anything – but only three things. Build on your initial thoughts when you ask yourself that question, and they’ll help lead you to discover the true answers.

There are many ways you can be supported on your journey and get you to where you want to go much faster. I pair essential oils and crystals together that help, such as:


  • Live Your Passion and GARNET that brings back your passion,
  • To have more Joy and ALEXANDRITE that is great because rather than just bring you joy, Alexandrite helps you develop your own source of joy within yourself,
  • To ground you such as Frankincense and BLACK TOURMALINE. It is one of my favorite grounding and protection stones to help balance your root chakra and dispel negativity,
  • To give you Clarity and SELENITE for mental clarity. It’s said to come directly from heaven and can enlighten you and show the destiny you’re searching for and…
  • bring Valor into your life with said oil and CITRINE which is very powerful and helps to increase your levels of confidence to confidently step forward and help you on your voyage of discovery.


If you truly want to take a voyage of discovery and creativity, then I have the place for you! But first, let me ask you – are you ready to step into purpose and live outside of your lines?

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