A sense of soothing and peacefulness becomes utterly essential for us all living amid the modernistic disharmony. In today’s crazy world where many a time your sanity takes a flip, you need to acquire clarity in your life so that you know what your inner voice desires.

A sensation of rejuvenation, upliftment and stimulation is what you get when you have Progressence in your life.  For supporting and balancing your progesterone levels, it is indeed a wonder to have it on your shelf.By promoting a feeling of relaxation and harmony, it becomes a favourite essential oil. I find Moonstone, Labradorite and Pietersite can really help with hormones as well. Along with it for balanced living, stress away bath bombs made with lavender oil and stress away prove to be another mind-calming essential, allowing for the inner voice to come through.

Many creatives and myself included, are raving about crystals that support clarity such as Sodalite, Clear and Smoky Quartz. On the other hand, you may opt for Citrine for inspiration. To know the right tools and how to harbour the process effectually, please reachout to me and follow along this month on Creatively Lisa Facebook page as I go through the whole process. Podcasts by  Soraya Goddard and Amanda Cook (The Wellpreneur) can help support and guide on your journey as well. Videos and books on these ideas are also abundantly available. So please message me if you would like to know what worked for me.   

The mind on overdrive, disturbing nightmares or the sweating of your palms while you are asleep, are all signs of stress. Dealing with everyday life often troubles your mind. Essential oils and crystals often work as dream catchers letting your mind and body stay in balance and relaxed.  If I am struggling to find an answer, I often ask myself the question while smelling my clarity oil and have the citrine or quartz near my bed and the answer will come to me during the night. Wala, problem or perceived problem solved.

I will be going in depth on Creatively Lisa Facebook Page on this topic and others this month to support you in finding your voice, so please check out the page and click “Notify Me” to know when new posts and Lives are available. I am excited to share my process. I remember what it felt like to work somewhere I wasn’t happy, doing something that didn’t feed my soul or the feeling that something was missing. We must all Step Into Purpose & Live Outside the Lines.

I am putting together a package that you are able Get to support your mind, body and spirit and keep you free from all disturbances so that you can hear that inner guidance. Please comment or send a message and I will get the info to you when it’s complete.

I’ve, also been motivated to create a downloadable Guide full of essential oil and crystal info and how to use them for the creative journey to move you closer to your purpose. If you’re inspired to learn more about the oils I use and nature’s magical alternatives to support you on your journey and you’d like a copy then simply reach out. It’s my GIFT to you! ? It can help you find your creative voice and step more fearlessly into your purpose.

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