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Meet Lisa

How I went from sick, miserable, and no energy in an unfulfilling job to waking up with a constant smile, feeling energized and loving what I do everyday. My heart and soul are happy!

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How To Create a Business and Life YOU are excited to wake up to everyday.

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I was struggling with depression, nervousness, lack of motivation, and had panic attacks regularly. I wasn’t really sure how to deal with all these chaotic feelings since I’ve been so drained from working in a restaurant for almost all my life. I’d have good days and bad day, but to bad would always outweigh the good and I didn’t know why.

I always felt pulled in every direction away from my true passion & what I always wanted to do & I thought this was my chance to start something new. Since working with Lisa and really shifting my energy, I feel relaxed, calm and it helps me go through the day in peace, not “pieces”, I feel more focused on my goals, positive throughout the day, and finally doing something creative that I love.

Jouhaina M. Sunnyvale, CA