Create The Life You Want By Learning How Others Have Done It

No matter how unique your goals are, no matter what your future life looks like – chances are, there will have been many others before you that have achieved exactly that. This is something that you can leverage to your advantage and help you on your journey – by learning from those that have made it.

When searching for those who’ve achieved what you want to (and will) achieve, don’t settle for just anybody. Find people that you resonate with and started out the same as you, in a very similar environment and life. Learning what these people did will be critical to your success.

So what exactly do you need to find out about and learn from those who have made it?

The main and most obvious item you need to find out and learn is how they became successful. Influencers and other successful figures often get asked how they achieved what they did. So much so that they often release content on social media that answers that exact question. They’ll be hundreds of small things that contributed, but usually, they’ll highlight five to ten.

For those whose reasons are harder to pin down, look to other content they put out. Their stories from where they were to where they got to are often covered in videos, and on their website – just waiting for you to find.

What is also really important to identify is what makes them different from you. What did they do to succeed and continue to do, that is different? This will help highlight the key actions you need to start consistently doing, to reach your goals.  To reach the goals you desire, you MUST become the person that can have that goal as they did!

Those who have gotten to where you want to be a long time ago, will also still be developing and going even further. Learn what they’re doing now, and more importantly – how they’re doing it. You’ll pick up on golden nuggets of wisdom, the smallest of things they’re doing that you’re not – that play a huge role in their ongoing success.

Look for biographies and books your mentors and people succeeding at what you want have written that go through the process in detail and take what feels right and begin implementing into your life. Change begins to happen quickly!

As well as learning from others, there are other ways you can enhance your progress and get you to where you want to get to much faster.

Essential oils such as Frankincense and Valor will ground you to your goal, Dream Catcher will support you on reaching your dreams & Brain Power will open the mental pathways to understanding the process and learning what is necessary to succeed. While Crystals like Clear Quartz and Carnelian, will help you to focus on your goals, find creative ways to overcome any obstacles you come across and bring success into motion.

Crystal Clear Clarity

Essential Oils & Crystals support will support you to reach your goal and achieve your dreams  – however, it can be confusing which oils & which crystals do what and pairing them together is powerful when you know which to match. That’s why I’ve created Crystal Clear Clarity, an eBook designed to provide you with all of the information you’ll need to discover what is best for you.  To get your free copy, just click the link and I’ll send it right over to you!

You can read the pillar post from May that is our main topic for this whole month, How Do You Grow Your Creative Voice Into The Life You Choose?   My goal is to support you in finding your voice. These are ways that have made the biggest difference with me becoming solid on my voice and direction. I am posting this whole month on my Facebook Page, Creatively Lisa specifically on Finding Your Voice and using different oils and crystals in your surroundings to support and empower you.

I’ve been fortunate in knowing my purpose and being free to fulfill that – but that’s not always been the case and most waste far too many years of their life not knowing their purpose. If that is you and you are ready to Find Your Voice and live the life you are meant to with Total Freedom, then the Inspiration In A Box package is perfect for you. It contains everything that has made the difference for me and has inspired and supported me in my creative journey and anchored me in Finding My Voice and Stepping in to My Future.

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 For me, it is about Inspiring Confident Creativity to Step into Purpose & Live Outside the Lines…


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