Confide in Yourself: Standing in YOUR Truth

Confidence comes from belief. Adding ‘self’ as a prefix on both the words can perhaps offer a better explanation.

To be confident is not to succeed at it. Yes, confidence is vital to achieving success but not the finality of it. To be confident is to be positive about taking risks and simply, pulling it off. 😉

But what if it’s you against everybody else?

The Psyche behind confidence and that against it

To simply frame an example of confidence, let’s consider someone about to step on a stage for the first time and deliver a speech or performance.

 They may have everything written as well as, hours of practice in front of the mirror. There is both the ability and the practice.

Apprehension is a given trail of thought for the common human mind. They may feel apprehensive about the impending performance expected of them, but if they believe, the chances of success increase and lead to a higher state of functional ability. This belief is confidence.

When it comes to an idea, confidence, or the lack of it, is internalized. For instance, you may consider an idea inconclusive. However, you may be the only individual in a group of 100 to believe so. As such, you may be compelled to re-think and doubt your own perception of the idea.

Confidence is when you believe in the idea regardless of everything. This is exactly what may happen when shifting to a new paradigm, a new direction in life. Finding your voice, can be scary when others may not agree. Step into the new territory anyway. To be happy, you have to be YOU!

Build and Re-build Your Confidence

It is a state of mind which helps you believe in yourself, in your ability to succeed at your dream and typically achieve the best results of any situation.

Rekindle your mind. Reinvigorate your self-belief with essential oils such as Frankincense and Valor that can ground you in your belief or path with confidence. Crystals like Blue Apatite, Amazonite, Sunstone can support you for those situations where you feel you need extra support and confidence as well.

I find by supplying myself with the right supplements to support me physically as well as surrounding myself with the right crystals and oils, will in turn support me emotionally as well. Between my red juice, daily immune support and staying alkaline, I feel stronger both physically and emotionally.

I have researched and put together an eBook full of essential oil and crystal info for support on this path.  If you would like it, for assistance in moving closer to your life’s purpose, then simply reach out to me for a copy.  It’s yours!

I am grateful for you! Perhaps you can move one step closer to knowing your Creative Voice solid and standing in that truth. ~Let your every step from now on resonate with confidence!

You can read the post from last month that is our main topic for this whole month, Crystal Clear Inspiration-Using Essential Oils & Crystals to Gain Clarity in Find your voice.  My goal is to support you in finding your voice. These are ways that have made the biggest difference with me becoming solid on my voice and direction. I am posting this whole month on my Facebook Page, Creatively Lisa specifically on Finding Your Voice and using different oils and crystals to support the process.

I am SO excited! I created this TOTAL package, INSPIRATION IN A BOX that is filled with what has made a difference for me through the steps and has inspired and supported me in my creative journey and anchored me in Finding My Voice and Stepping in to My Future. I know my purpose and see my future now more than ever and excited to support you in yours. 

(If you would like to be one of the first to see it and get your own INSPIRATION IN A BOX and start your journey on Finding Your Voice, please email me. For the first 6 people to email me @, you will receive 2 extra bonuses!)

For me, it is about Inspiring Confident Creativity to Step into Purpose & Live Outside the Lines…

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