Living La Vida Italiana

Living La Vida Italiana

I realized that nothing you “want” will happen without setting the intent, giving your dream/plan a time frame for completion, moving towards it with little steps daily and remembering to allow for Source to guide the way! Relinquish control of how, just know it will happen!  

I had a friend a couple years ago tell me that I “shouldn’t” (BTW, never SHOULD on yourself) set a time for when I was going.  Unfortunately, I listened to someone else besides me and it’s now 2019 and my desired 4 month min trip to live in Italy still hasn’t happened.  I learned my lesson. Listen ONLY to myself!

I have since set a date and time frame for this to happen with flexibility, of course, because I realize I truly am not in control. I set the intent, approximate timeframe and trusting Source to line everything up with ease.

With that said, I am going to Italy to end of September first of October to live for 4ish months. YES!!!

I have been reading and implementing the helpful steps from the 4-Hour Workweek and Dreamlining and can see this coming to fruition. It’s a little scary because for the first time, I can see it materializing.  Every day, I take little steps and move forward. I am learning just how easy it is to plan a 4 month-ish trip to live and grow my business in Italy and take my dog Tulli with me!

I am excited to document the process and hiccups along the way. Perhaps, it will inspire big dreams and goals for you! J

Let’s Do This!