Peace comes when one shifts from the conventional to the organic essence of life!

Only then can you find the innermost voice of creativity within.

All the physiological noise keeps the mind awake and disturbed. Staying balanced in both mind and body quiets the mind and brings clarity. I found that my imbalances come from my hormones as well as just mind trash.  Now I have found that balance can be achieved with hormone balancing essential oils. Additionally, I use the stone, Hematite and Holosync for meditation. This brings an innate peacefulness that dawns upon the mind and body, thus, taking one’s mind far away from the racket of present chaos both inside and out.

Freeflow journaling is a great way to learn more about yourself. When you begin, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is that one thing that you can do simply for fun or which activities make you smile?
  • Which are the things in life that appeal to the mind?
  • What makes your heart sing?
  • Or, what ideas energize the mind intriguing an inner thirst for knowledge?

Gaining the answers to all these and all questions happen by harboring a routine of self-care including bath soaks*, using skin scrubs* and daily face spritzing* with destressing, skin nourishing essential oils,  as well as quiet time alone will allow you to hear that inner voice more readily. There are many essential oil blends and supplements that you can use to facilitate this much easier. Shoot me a message and I can let you know my favorite that make the biggest difference with me. These can be comforting and keep your anxieties away.

Keep the mind, body and soul in bliss!

This has been such a passion for me that I’ve created a downloadable Guide full of essential oil and crystal info to support this BLISS. It explains how to use them for the creative journey that helps you move closer to your purpose.

You can learn more about the oils, supplements and crystals, nature’s magical alternatives, which I use to support my journey. If you would like a copy, then simply contact me here (bottom of page). Accept it as a present from me! It can help you stay sane in this bizarre world and step ahead more confidently.

It is the organic essence of life which, if nurtured, lets one ‘Step into Purpose & Live Outside the Lines’.


*Recipes for Soak, Spritz & Scrub