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SWIRL Series

SNOW Series

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Lisa Brugger I believe that art is an integral part of life.

I believe that art is an integral part of life.

For me, art keeps things interesting and opens the mind to a different perspective. The world is combined with positive buoyant views as well as uncooperative and difficult situations. Each is filled with intensity and power. Within all situations, the view point of the individual varies frequently depending on how the person sees life.
My purpose in making art is to emphasize the differences in the individualities of humans. By taking time to step back and look at my art, see the differences within each piece as you see the differences in people and in the art as a whole, you take it in and that moment changes your attitude for the good. I believe if you can change someone’s outlook for the better even for a moment, they in turn will do the same for someone else. It’s kind of a pay in forward.
To show that incorporation in my art, I use the difference between textured and flat surfaces of the canvas to make distinctive shapes of positive and negative space. I do this by creating a 3-dimensional effect with thick resins, extremely thick mixture of texture gels and anything else I can think of blended with acrylic paint. The mixture is put on the canvas in layers, building from the one beneath. It reminds me of the way people change from their experiences in life. I find that adding various objects and specific colors to the paintings adds a new depth between the rough textured and smooth flat surfaces. It draws you further into the art, wondering what you may see next, similarly to the world around you depending on your outlook.
My purpose in creating abstract art in the form of sculptures or 3-dimensional paintings is to go within myself and find balance between the world outside and my spirit within. I move aside and let Source flow through me in the form of art.
Ultimately, my idea in making art is to give something encouraging and optimistic back each time you look at pieces of art that I create. I hope you enjoy!