About Me

Hi!  I’m Creatively Lisa

I am a meditating, sport bike riding, free-thinking, high-vibing, crystal wearing, energy reader. That’s a mouth full, I know, but that’s me!  I, also love the cello, creating art, Mother Earth and exploring the world. Italy really has my heart and later this year, it’ll have Tulli and the rest of me as well more on a part-time permanent basis!

I absolutely love shoes and avoid doing dishes at all costs!

Lisa on motorbike
Lisa on juniper
Lisa playing music
Guess what? When there are no cars coming, I tend to cross the street on the red hand! I am edgy and love unique anythings. If it’s a one of a kind and no one else is doing it, I’m in!  I also speak my mind and may not always say the “right” thing!  I’d rather be honest and truthful than have everyone like me for not being me. 
Lisa in helicopter
My superpower is finding solutions, great ideas and truly seeing awesome lives for other people! I just love it when I meet someone and I can see their potential and life 3 years in the future. It makes my heart smile.

I discovered this gift once I began to vibrate at a high level and consistently live that lifestyle. It just made things open up quicker and easier.

I have the most beautiful, willful and aristocratic fur-baby ever. Her name is Tulli and she is truly a princess. She is a big lovebug and fierce at being near me at all costs. I feel the same.

Most importantly and the reason WHY I get up every day and move forward is…

…to create the freedom to be able to paint & play music when & where I choose and live both at the beach in CA and Italy. The most important WHY though is to be able to do whatever needs to be done so that my nephew can succeed in his dream, see that this lifestyle is possible and being an example to other women that want a more high vibrational, creative life and that you can live successfully and financially free on your terms from your heart! You don’t have to follow the heard!

I do all this with heart, integrity and tenacity.

Lisa on Queen Mary
Lisa Crown diamond
love: cello \ symphony \ sushi \ ice-blended rose vanilla coffee blendeds \ art openings \ bubbly water \ Vegas \ shoes \ motorcycle racing \ Young Living valor, joy & frankincense \ pizza margarita con fungi \ flying privately
don’t love: cleaning \ chocolate \ tomatoes \ camping \ the word can’t or try\ internet dating \ the color khaki \ negativity
Inspiring a holistic, high-vibe world with you and your pup!

Lisa Brugger
Long Beach, CA
(562) 294-1957

Email: Lisa@CreativelyLisa.com

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