A More Creative You: Spicing up Your Home

Creativity is more than just an application of mind. It can easily be related to a state of well-being where your brain triumphs over the trivial circumstances and white noise that surrounds it- and starts overflowing with new ideas. And this process of cleansing your mind and finding your inner voice starts at your home. Essential oils, crystals and all things au naturel help accelerate the process.

Your home is your most private recess, and there is nothing like a vibrant and positive residence. Recharging your home is the giant leap you must take before moving on to bigger and more creative things.

Recharge. Rewire. Rework.

Studies suggest that as far back as 3500 BC, mankind had already learnt that some odours, stones, petals and concentrations had the power to stimulate the mind. Today, we call it aromatherapy.

If you want that elusive creative spark in your home, try the following offerings:

  • Lavender: The smell of Lavender is instantly recognisable. It lifts the fog that covers the tired mind like low-hanging clouds. DIffuse a few drops of Lavender around your home to experience an olfactory aura like never before.
  • Carnelian Stone: Commonly known as the Singer’s stone, it promotes well-being and a sense of calm. It is known to boost productivity and vitality. A few stones strategically placed throughout your home reach out to your inner voice and the heart chakra.
  • Cypress: The sweet and penetrating smell of Cypress and Eucalyptus have been saluted in history. It is known to fight off depression.
  • Orange Calcite Stone: This criminally underrated wellness stone is a source of energy and is known to play a major part in human sexuality. Orange Calcite deposits lead to a wellspring of creativity when used wisely.
  • Frankincense: Frankincense helps you reach a stage of higher consciousness. It is best used in intensive meditation sessions.

Aromatic essences have an inherent power to arouse that dormant voice inside you. When used properly, it allows you to reach heights of creativity you have only dreamed of. Incidentally, these natural elements also work with some light music in the background. This sets the space for deep connection with self allowing for clarity in your thoughts and feelings.

Some Bach, perhaps?


You can read the post from May that is our main topic for this whole month,  The Art of Creativity in Atmosphere – When Inspiration Strikes!  My goal is to support you in finding your voice. These are ways that have made the biggest difference with me becoming solid on my voice and direction. I am posting this whole month on my Facebook Page, Creatively Lisa specifically on Finding Your Voice and using different oils and crystals in your surroundings to support and empower you.

Crystal Clear Clarity

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