A Facebook LIVE Started it All… And Tulli & I win!

I listened to a friend’s Facebook live the other day and it was a meditation on asking what your 4 bodies need. I asked what my emotional body needed and I saw in my mind’s eye, the Wetlands nearby. So that is where I went and that is what prompted this doggie fun post! If you are in LA, then you must check out these cool places with your fur baby.  Mine was SO EXCITED!!

I finally found a great hiking spot for Tulli and I that is nearby since I moved to the beach. Yes, I know it has taken 5 years, but hey! I found it! 😉 So it got me to thinking and I thought I would share my favorite places of fun times for you and your pup in the LA/OC area!

  1. Bolsa Chica Wetlands Brightwater Trailhead https://tinyurl.com/yy7ssc4y

Sunday was the first day, but I can see already that this area and specifically here (where dogs are welcome as other entrances are not) will keep both you and your pup entertained and exercised for a short walk to a strenuous hike with many trails to explore.

  1. The Tree People https://tinyurl.com/yyo4pqr6 & https://www.treepeople.org/

I enter off Coldwater Canyon. There are so many hiking trails to choose from. Some you will find no one around, perfect if your pup is good off leash and others that are well travels and easier. Either way, so much fun.


  1. Dixie Canyon Park in the Santa Monica Mountains –https://tinyurl.com/y3ywucx3

This is a really cool spot and you will not see many people. It’s at the end of a residential area that has a natural spring at the base. I always grab some fresh water before and after our hike. There are many different trails all through here depending on how much time you have. It’s so much fun! Tulli is typically free to roam around without leash here and she loves it!

  1. Zoom Room https://zoomroom.com/

Tulli & I just love this place. If you are looking for some indoor 1 on 1 fun with your pup, this is the best place. I have taken Tulli here and I would book some time and her and I would just run around and go through tunnels, jump over things and scale narrow boards. We both would leave thoroughly in bliss and pooped! Find one near you. There are Groupons for your first time. Totally worth it!

  1. Terranea & the nearby Tide pools https://www.terranea.com/

This is such a great experience! It is the most dog friendly place. Dogs are allowed everywhere. I get dressed up, bring my computer and just got there to walk around with Tulli, have lunch and do some work on the computer is a truly breathtaking place. After a few hours, we will go south on Palos Verdes Dr. S and stop at the tide pools. We park at Shoreline Park and there are tons of trails all through here, but directly down to the beach is where you will find the tide pools. I was told there were no dogs on the beach, but we were there for over an hour just relaxing before someone came and mentioned it and then didn’t push the issue for another hour or so. So you should be good!

Ok, that’s my Fun Filled Fur Friendly spots! Enjoy! Please share with your furry friends if you found value!

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