3 Ways to Succeed in Network Marketing and Life

Let’s step into purpose and live outside the lines.

Today I want to talk to you about the 3 Ways to Succeed in Network Marketing and Life, by the way! This fits for both.  I had an Aha for my business and realized, oh my gosh, this is so perfect for life in general as well.  The cool thing about this is the good news and the bad news. It actually that everybody knows it or the concept, which is the good news. The bad news is nobody does it. So I’m curious to see what your thoughts are on them especially since it’s actually key. These are very important. Without them we’re dead in the water, both in your home business and also for life in general.

I have a question for you and I would love it if you would comment below and let me know what you think the answer is. What do you think the number one, most important thing that you need to do in a network marketing business to succeed and in life, remember? Like the number one thing you think above all else. If you just did this one thing, you would succeed and you could hit six and seven figures in your business, no problem and life would be a breeze.

I’m curious.

So without further ado, we’re going to get started.

Last weekend I had a friend over and we were talking. He wasn’t in my business, but what he said and what we were talking about was the business and it really just made sense. It hit me. I went, oh my gosh, this is so true!  I realized I had been doing these 3 Ways fairly regularly, but not 120% and recognized that was a problem.

I’m going to also give you a couple extra special tips. One at the end that’s really important for your business and I’m going to give you a little bonus tip in the beginning RIGHT NOW. My bonus tip in the beginning is MINDSET.

What are your feelings about your business? Are you proud?  Do you speak openly and with posture? What is your mindset around that? What’s in your head? What’s your mind telling you about your business? Is it telling you that you have a gift or is it something else?  That makes all the difference in the world! 😉

It is a gift that we’re able to share amazing products, change people’s lives and if people so desire, make a nice income. No matter what your business is, whether it’s another network marketing company or you’re in mine, we have an amazing gift for others. We are able to work anywhere, be anywhere, we don’t have to have a job, a job that we go to and make somebody else’s dreams come true, we have complete freedom without limitation. We can make our dreams come true and we can live those dreams. So it’s a true gift for people that are looking for more time freedom or financial freedom.   Anyone can actually have this business like they want to, unique, fun in their own personality.  So you see, it’s a mindset thing.

Here is another example around mindset. I had really cool Aha, this morning as I was getting ready for my life today. I felt anxiety.  Earlier that morning when I listened to a meditation that I had a while ago, it was a whole series and I listened to this one on stress and I realized that I have this in certain situations in my life, it comes up and it’s the exact same feeling every time. The situation is slightly different, but the feeling is the same. (AHA)

I’m curious to see if it’s happened to you as well? It actually has a lot to do with this exact thing. Mindset. Do you get nervous or anxiety comes over you when you have to do something or when you have a set time to do it? For example, you have a LIVE at 11:00 AM, you’re on the way to the airport, you’re getting ready to pick up the phone and call somebody  or you’re getting ready to actually go into a meeting and you get this anxious feeling come over you and get a little sweaty. So I had that happen to me today.  I’ve done these LIVES all the time and I love them. They’re fun and I was prepared. So all good things. But that feeling was there again and I wonder if maybe that happens to you as well in your business, in your day, you know, when you have meetings in your personal life? It’s really a tough one. The mind kicks in and if we allow it to continue to roll down the pathway, it does not bode for an enjoyable experience no matter what it is.

I caught it today and I’m going to share it with you. So what mindset is, is to catch those times that may not be positive in your head when the real you may not be there that exact moment.  The moment we are not present.  What you want to do and I propose that you think about this. When those feelings of, you know unwarranted stress and unease, you don’t know what to do or nervousness and you just don’t know where it’s coming from, maybe it’s not you and has nothing to do with experience right now. Perhaps it has something to do with when you were a child, completely unrelated whatsoever. Something from the past.

You’ve picked up this feeling because there maybe a little fear or something present and the under underlying premises is the same. The bottom underlying emotion is the same. So it goes right back and picks up on how the whole experience went out when it happened in the past and keeps replaying it over and over in present time. Hence; you have anxious and negative self talk now. All these things kick into place and it literally throws you off your game and it really makes the whole experience very unenjoyable. It’s supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be enjoyable. Life is, our businesses, all of it is meant to be pleasurable. If it’s not fun, then we shouldn’t be doing it. Plain and simple done!

Well, I’ve had that happen a lot and I went, okay. So this time when it happened, before it really set in, I took what I learned in this meditation I did this morning nd I put it into play. I realized that it was from a past experience and it had nothing to do with what was happening you see, because I was actually quite excited about doing the live. I love these, these are fun and I love sharing these things with you. It had nothing to do with task at hand. It was just a rerun of something from the past. I realized that and went back to that exercise that I learned this morning and I quieted the whole thing in my mind and it just mellowed – NO NEGATIVE SELF TALK OR ANXIETY!

If you’re interested to know what meditations I’m doing, please reach out as it can take you to a whole new level and can really shed a lot that does not serve you and gain the ability to manifest a lot faster in your life. I happy to share that to you. However, the nugget here is it’s your mindset – to realize that this business is a gift and if feelings of the contrary happened to come up, go into them and realize why they are there and where they are coming from? You’ll soon figure out that it has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re actually getting ready to do. You should be able to come to a really quiet, peaceful place. Over time you’ll be able to break that habit, because that’s all it is. It’s a habit, a bad habit. I know a long winded BONUS TIP, but an important one! MINDSET

Now I’m on to the 3 Ways to Succeed in Network Marketing and Life. So here we go.

#1 YOU HAVE TO BE ALL IN! This is quite important, it’s huge actually! You can’t just stick your toe in!  I’ll try. I’ll give it a try, but do none of the training. I’ll think about it. I’ll buy a product, an oil, a tube of toothpaste and shampoo and it’ll change my life and I’ll get rich off that bottle. Now that has nothing to do with it. You have to be all in, which means you need to really, really get into your products, get into your business and be in, you need to go 110% in. Use as many of the products possible, be on the calls, go to all the trainings, invest in yourself and go to the conventions and events. You must everything, do it all and really give 120% of your energy to it for it to be successful, because to do anything at a mastery level, it takes something like, 40,000 hours. If you just stick your toe in and barely do enough to get by that’s the results you will achieve. BARELY !  That’s not benefitting you or anybody.

We want to give value and change people’s lives. The only way we’re going to be able to do that is to change our own life first and be all in, every possible way ourselves first. Learn what we need to learn, see how others do it and follow and duplicate it for your business, in your life. If we’re just living our life on the sidelines, we’re not experiencing what we’re meant to and we’re not sharing the gifts that we’re supposed. We are here to share our presence with others and be all in, like all in and really experienced every single thing in total and really work diligently at living from such a positive heart space. When we can do that, when we truly do that, that brings joy to our own lives and in turn that joy emanates on other people. People want to be around you when in that space. It’s magnetic!  People want to know what you’re doing, what you’re up to.  When you’re all in, in your life and when you’re all in, in your business, people see that and they want to be a part of it. That’s #1 and that easily leads into…

#2 It’s a lifestyle. This business, this industry, it’s a lifestyle, which means you can’t just buy one thing once and get by on the cheap. It doesn’t work like that. You have to be using all the products. My company, for instance, has over 600 products. Trust me. Everything in my home needs to be what I sell, everything and I’d say I’m up to probably 70%.  Every time I run out of something or buy new, it’s my company’s products.

You have to give it away as gifts and carry it around with you to use in your purse or pocket. You have to be using it all the time. All In. You have to max out on your orders every month when you are able. As your income grows, so do your orders. For me, the more my order is, the more free products I receive and money back. I was surprised to notice how much I buy when I started buying it all from 1 place. That will also help you budget better as well.  However, I hear all the time, what’s the minimum I have to do it? This goes for your business and your life! When you do the minimum, you get minimum results. When the maximum is done, the results are phenomenal. When you really go all in in LIFE and/or your BUSINESS and it becomes a lifestyle of self-development, growth, education both to others and yourself, and product, the experience becomes extraordinary and your business and life explode. You, then, change lives along the way, which is what we’re supposed to be doing.

So, when you are all in and live that lifestyle, going to the events, hang out with the people that are doing the same thing and/or have the same mindset, that raises you up. Positive mindset, people succeeding, raises you up. So really get into it and be all in 110%! That is definitely a lifestyle and a process.

Whereas, if you stick your toe in or if you do one thing and try to get by on the cheap – on the minimum, that’s the experience you’re going to get.  Most people know this, they just don’t do it. What can I get away with or I don’t have blah blah, when blah blah or I can’t fill in the blank, then I will. This mindset/excuse leads me into number three and extremely important.

#3 No excuses!   We get up every morning, go to a job and we work. We work our life around that job. This business and life are exactly the same. No excuses. If you want to change your life physically or financially, then you have to be all in, living the lifestyle and have no excuses!  Buying the products and consistently using them, makes the difference in your life. If you want to change your life and build walkaway income or live in a foreign country or step away from your job and live the life you want physically, emotionally and spiritually, you have to be able to have no excuses. Get up, set times, set perimeters to do whatever it is you need for your business, for the life you choose, whatever the needle movers are, do them every day consistently, that’s a must! No excuses!  Having the attitude, oh I don’t feel good today. Get up and do something anyway. Doing “the thing” anyway, makes you feel good! Give value to others makes you feel good! The more you kind of, pardon me, 1/2 ass it and try to get away with things, that’s how life is going to happen to you. It’s going to happen TO you and…that’s what’s going to happen in your life also. It’s not going to be big, bold, amazing things happening. You have to put that out there and then life steps up. You have to put that out there and be all in, become a lifestyle and no excuses and the business says thank you and people see that and it becomes an inspiration. You become an inspiration, in life so that you’re able to lift others and help others in your business and people want to be around you. They want to be a part of whatever it is you’re doing. It makes such a difference in doing that.

The more you step into your business, your life with confidence, with conviction and posture you just sore all the way to the top. That is what truly sets a professional, sets somebody that’s here to stay, that really wants to give value and wants to enjoy their own life, sets them apart from everybody else.

So the three tips: Be All In, It’s a Lifestyle and No Excuses – So important.

Now the Bonus Tip, which kind of ties everything together, which really, really is quite unique. I utilize it in my business and I actually get these sheets out to people so they can really sit down and highlight and really go through their life. Depending on what your company is, ours again, as I said, has well over 600 products that you literally, can say, I’ve got you covered on pretty much everything. 😉  It’s called Redirective spending. This is huge. So whatever it is that you have in your life, whatever it is that your products are in your business, redirect the spending.

Which means instead of buying what you’re buying at the store (Target, Walmart, the grocery store) buy those products from your company. The store isn’t paying you back. They’re not going to send you anywhere in the world or send you a check. They’re going to take your money and keep it and give you nothing in return except the product that you got. BTW, which probably isn’t very good quality anyway. Whereas, most products in network marketing businesses are far superior because they can spend more time and money on development. So better products and it pays you back. If it’s your toothpaste, shampoo, makeup, dog products, skin care, whatever it is, buy it from your store. Don’t buy it from the market. The more you can do that, and the more you can teach others to do that, the more it helps it become a lifestyle. It helps you be all in. The more you’re doing that, all the excuses kind of fall away, because you’re noticing changes in your own life.

So everything that your company manufactures, buy it, have it, use it, give it away as gifts. No longer go to the store and buy gifts, give your product away as gifts. It was a gift to you. It’s a gift everyday when you use it. It’ll be a gift to other people as well and really share it, spread it, share the wealth!

There’s my tips!

If you are interested in learning about my business or what else I’m doing, I’m very happy to share that with you, just leave a comment below and I’m happy to share it with you because it is really a game changer all the way around. It’s very simple and gives you different types of things to do when stuff arise. It’s extremely helpful on a big level.

You’ve got your mindset tip, the three main tips – Be All In, It’s a Lifestyle and No Excuses. And then the bonus tip is Redirective Spending.  (Look at what your company sells. I give out these really cool sheets to everybody and have people highlight what they currently use and overtime start switching everything over. Then you realize that you’re paying yourself, not somebody else and you make the money. We get tons of free product and all kinds of cool stuff. So it pays us back very quickly at a big way.)

Anyway, I hope that helps. I hope this is beneficial for you. J When I had the Aha, it was awesome. It gave me totally cool energy and I was very excited. I went, “Okay, what can I do differently that I’m not already doing?”  It really made a difference. So I’m hoping that it helps you in your life because we have to be “All In in our life. We have to make it a lifestyle and truly be there and really live and enjoy every moment. We do not need to be giving ourselves excuses for not living a fulfilled, awesome life. So it works for both. Use It, enjoy it, and benefit from it.

Let’s make it fun. Let’s make it enjoyable and let’s go out and create something magnificent!

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