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Lisa Brugger

A meditating, sport bike riding, free-thinking, crystal wearing, creative genius!

Empowering Creatives to inspire & live the life you CHOOSE. Rather than “working” a traditional job and living someone else’s dreams, create your own path and prosperity. You can live artistically, fearlessly, financially free and create abundantly! All on YOUR terms. I’m here to inspire and sculpt new ideas with you.
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1 week ago

Creatively Lisa

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1 week ago

Creatively Lisa

Back to the "Hot or Not" or for me the Hi-Vibing or No Way?

I discovered over time some things that are an absolute "Yes, I want that in my business and life and the "ABSOLUTELY No Way for my business or my life!"

What and who you surround yourself with can make or break you. It's your choice!

Choosing the people you do business with and activities are paramount.

Saying NO to someone or something can actually bring even more of the Absolute Yeses into your experience.

If someone I am speaking with is interested in my network marketing company or one of my programs, I ask myself these main questions before I move forward.

If the person doesn't line up with ALL of the answers, I don't work with them. You must enjoy whom you spend time with. If not, it won't be fun, no one will be successful and there will be no value.

There will be no benefit and that is key!

Ask yourself these questions: They will make all the difference in building something you are excited about with people that you enjoy being around and bringing value to. Knowing these answers can expedite the process and the outcome of success and financial bliss.

*Who do I want to spend time with?
*What type of person do I want to work with?
*What do I enjoy doing?
*What would be fun to do everyday workwise?
*What am I passionate about?
*How do I want to change people's lives?

Know these answers 100% and make them non-negotiable!

I found that an essential oil blend along with Lapis and Azurite crystal helped bring me clarity
for the answers to those questions.

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2 weeks ago

Creatively Lisa

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2 weeks ago

Creatively Lisa

There will always be something that gets in the way until you no longer allow it.

I thought of this when I was talking with a friend and business associate the other day. She was telling me about something that came up that was pulling her attention away from her business and when "this" was sorted, she would be able to focus on her business more.

I told her "Until you make your business a priority, things will continue to get in the way every single day and you will not be successful."

You must stay focused and never give up! Every day, do something to move you forward in your dream or goal to make it a reality.

If you need support, reach out, and let's get that "maybe someday" dream into today's action steps to get you there!
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2 weeks ago

Creatively Lisa

My clients often call me an Inspiring Creative Genius.

I'm pretty stoked at such a title.

I guess it's because I always see fun and unique ways to bring your passion into a successful business opportunity!

When you can combine the 2 you can leave your 9-5, start a fun business that brings value and joy, build financial freedom, and reach your dreams much faster!
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2 weeks ago

Creatively Lisa

You know what I love?

Reading the list of 'what's hot and what's not' in the goofy magazine at the checkout

I don't have a 'hot or not' list but I do have a Hi-Vibing list and No Way List!

Here's what's on it.

The News
Negative People
Mass Media
Mass Consciousness
Negative Mindset
Daily Actions That Feel Bad
Doing Something I Don'tLike

Sending and Receiving LOVE
My Dog Tulli
Abraham Hicks
Appreciation & Gratitude Lists
Daily Actions I LOVE
Helping Others
Contacting Someone Just To Say HI!
Playing Cello

The list can go on, but you get the idea.

Doing things you love and staying away from activities and things that lower your vibration serve you! Always find ways to raise yourself up!
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