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Empowering Creatives to inspire & live the life you CHOOSE. Rather than “working” a traditional job and living someone else’s dreams, create your own path and prosperity. You can live artistically, fearlessly, financially free and create abundantly! All on YOUR terms. I’m here to inspire and sculpt new ideas with you.
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6 hours ago

Creatively Lisa

It’s A NO From Me!💥

I mentioned that I was having an interesting week last week and realized that I was saying yes to things that my soul, body, and Tulli were saying NO to. (even she knew better) 🐕💗

Going against my instinct was taking its toll on me. When I finally realized this, made a definitive decision, and said YES to myself and NO to what was not for my good, I felt lighter and peaceful. 😊💫

You know what else happened? The entire situation changed immediately and no longer caused stress or upset. Things began to happen for me. ✨💃

It's always us that gets in our way. We block ourselves when we are meant to flow. Remember to always say yes to yourself and NO to people, situations, and activities that do not serve you! 💪

Never be afraid to say NO to someone or something. You are the first and most important priority. 😎

Say YES to you and so will the Universe! By doing this, you raise your vibration and awesomeness follows! 💥🌟

Remember this phrase! I Say YES To Me First! 💥

#sethealthyboundries #BeEmpowered #sayyestoyou #selflove #authenticity
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1 day ago

Creatively Lisa

Have you had one of those days or actually weeks in all honesty that things are just off? Or should I say everything is off because you’re off? 😲😱

Well, that was me this past week and it was everything I could do to stay in a somewhat high vibing state. Now I didn’t succeed every moment, but I was aware of it and took steps to correct it.

Being aware when you’re off, when things are off, and taking responsibility to find ways to shift it and raise your vibration is by far the best thing you can do for yourself and the most loving. 😊

So take time when this happens, give yourself some love and do what is needed to come back to a loving high vibing space.

6 Things I did this week when this happened.

1. Be loving to myself 💕💃 - The more you do this the more you show the universe what you want and deserve. Bringing more of it to you.
2. Get outside with my Tulli and breathe the air and be present with her 🐕🌬 - When you take a walk in fresh air and focus on your pet, it resets your thoughts
3. Do self-care things I love to raise my vibration ✨🌷 - Pampering yourself always brings a smile to your heart ♥️
4. Use specific essential oils & crystals that make me feel happy and raise my vibes. 💫 This brings in Mother Earth energy
5. Give myself a hug and give one to Tulli 🤗 - hugging yourself and your pet bring up happy hormones in your body.
6. Meditate 🧘‍♀️ this clears the mind and allows you to come from a fresh space

I invite you to consider these tips next time you find yourself having an interesting or stressful day or week. 😉

PM me if you want to know what oils & rocks I use specifically to raise my vibes.

#highvibes #VibeHigh #selflovematters #crazyday #positivity
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6 days ago

Creatively Lisa

I was talking with a friend the other day and this was my AHA!

I love when inspiration strikes!

#MagicWords #positive #ahamoments ##inspirationalquotes
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1 week ago

Creatively Lisa

I used to struggle with mind trash that would keep me from living into my potential.🤨 I didn't feel I had or gave value.

I was afraid to confidently talk about my AHAs or business and connect with others to give value. 😔

I discovered this little self-love hack and guess what?

Look in the mirror and say to yourself:

1. I am beautiful and I give value.
2. Today is a fantastic day and things flow easily to me.
3. Things are always working out for me

#mindset #positivetalk #confidence #MirrorTalk #selflove
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1 week ago

Creatively Lisa

The best part of waking up at 4:30am is the inspiration, exhilaration, and ideas that come with it. 💫✨💥

There’s something completely magical about the silence before the sunrise 🌇at that time in the morning. I can hear Source and feel inflow.

My favorite workdays happen when I get up at that time. I get so much done, feel focused all day and ideas flow constantly.

Are you an early bird 🐦or a night owl🦉? 🌄🌃

This was my Italian sunrise...💖

#mornings #earlybird #morningmotivation #inspiration #morningbliss #italiansunrise
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2 weeks ago

Creatively Lisa

I was sick and tired of not feeling I was enough and spending years at a dead-end job that was suffocating me 🥺 and my creative heart. 💖

Does this sound familiar?

I found a way to leave behind the fear of no money, the unknown, and took a chance at the what-if. 🥰

I've put everything that got me to where I am today into my new course and what paved the way to Italy in my new F R E E eBook.

If you're ready to discover your TRUE passion and turn it into a life worth LOVING, then...

CLICK the link www.oils-rock.com/

...and let me show you what is possible. 🥳💥✨

#nomore9to5 #highvibelife #manifestyourlife #loveyourself #sayyestoyou #oilsrock #lifestyle #livewithpurpose #WinYourLife #beyourownboss #winatlife #takethestep #creativelylisa #passionandpurpose
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