Creatively Lisa: Shaping a High-Vibe Lifestyle

Empowering Dog Mamas to Embrace Holistic Living & Create Vibrant Harmony with Their Pups

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Creatively Lisa: Shaping a High-Vibe Lifestyle

Empowering Dog Mamas to Embrace Holistic Living & Create Vibrant Harmony with Their Pups

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Lisa Brugger, founder of Creatively Lisa, is a holistic entrepreneur inspiring dog mamas to embrace high-vibe living. With a passion for creativity and holistic wellness, she empowers others to shape lives of abundance alongside their furry companions. Join her in cultivating authenticity, purpose, and joy through mindful entrepreneurship.

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High Vibe Clean Bundle

Shift to a cleaner, healthier home for you and your pup!  With our plant-based products, you can feel confident saying goodbye to toxic cleaners and hello to a safer, more natural way of cleaning, starting now!

Tulli’s Protocol

Transform your life and your pup’s well-being with our all-inclusive bundle designed to kickstart your journey towards high-vibrational, holistic living. Say goodbye to toxic products and hello to a healthier, happier lifestyle for both you and your furry friend. Elevate your vibes and create a harmonious environment for you and your pup starting now!

Raising Your Vibration/High-Vibes Dog Combo Web Class

Elevate your spiritual journey and deepen the bond with your pup with our powerful web class and companion workbook. Learn how to transition to holistic well-being, raise your vibration, and support your dog’s well-being effortlessly. 

Animal Scents​

Transform your dog’s well-being effortlessly with our specially designed essential oils and oil-infused products. Give your furry child the care they deserve, starting today!

Emily H Emily H

Before I found Lisa and her High Vibe Clean Bundle, I was constantly worried about the impact of toxic products on my pup's health. Tired of seeing my furry friend suffer from constant itching and skin irritation, I decided to make a change. With Lisa's guidance, I switched to non-toxic cleaning products, and the results were amazing! My pup's itching decreased significantly, and I felt more confident knowing that I was creating a safer environment for both of us. Thanks to Lisa, we're now living a happier, healthier life together!

Lindsey Lindsey

Lisa is truly an inspiration. If you are looking to leave you corporate job and live a life you LOVE, Lisa can provide a path for you. I recommend her on a personal and professional level. Stop waiting and let Lisa help you get the lifestyle you deserve.

Adelle Adelle

Lisa did a wonderful job caring for Diva and Mylo. She bubbles over with positive, loving energy which is very good for my two pups. I can tell she really cares about dogs. The environment she provides is peaceful and relaxing, both inside and out. I also appreciated her flexibility around timing for drop off and pick up. I hope she is available they next time Diva and Mylo need day care.

Sasha Sasha

I would highly recommend Lisa for your doggie needs, whether it be daily walks or long-term care. She has a special place in her heart for all dogs, big or small, talkative or quiet, young or old and she is excellent with all of them and truly cares. She is patient and loving and will give your dog the best care he or she could ask for, and then some. If you are looking for top holistic doggie care with someone you can trust with your furry family member, look no further than Lisa.

Chris Chris

I have been meditating and using the products since the beginning of the my life is so different. I lost weight, quite my 9-5, now doing what I love, more happy and at peace with myself and my family. I found my voice and completely changed my life. I'm so grateful!

Edward Designation

Lisa was great!!! She took such great care of our girl and sent pictures to say hello when we were out of country. She goes beyond the call of duty and gave a complete report on our pups daily routines and if there were any concerns that we needed to know. She recommended certain techniques to help her with some of Jesse's bad habits too.

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