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A meditating, sport bike riding, free-thinking, crystal wearing, creative genius!

Empowering Creatives to inspire & live the life you CHOOSE. Rather than “working” a traditional job and living someone else’s dreams, create your own path and prosperity. You can live artistically, fearlessly, financially free and create abundantly! All on YOUR terms. I’m here to inspire and sculpt new ideas with you.
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5 hours ago

Creatively Lisa

When you see a photo on Instagram or a post on Facebook about someone's success with stepping away from the 9-5 into their own business, it's easy to think "They have it easy!" but what you don't see is the behind the scenes that got them there.

Every successful entrepreneur had some kind of help. I know I've got an army of mentors, business besties, and a support crew that has cheered me on to reach my goals.

Heck! Even self-made millionaires didn't do it solo! If you want to leave the 9-5 for something inspired that YOU choose, then I'd love to help you inside Limitless Creatives Group.

Click HERE to Join www.facebook.com/groups/limitlesscreatives/
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1 day ago

Creatively Lisa

A story about 3 hacks or tips that help people. Example: "My friend is obsessed with watching Lifehacks on Youtube. She's constantly telling me how to Biohack my body or clean my grout with a pen!

I'm also a fan of things that make business easier.

Here are my top 3 hacks for staying focused on your DMO (Daily Method of Operation) activities for your biz.

1. Make a list of what must be done the night before.
2. Number them in order of importance.
3. After you've done your morning inspiration activities, do the #1 item right away. (then no matter what, you accomplished something that moves the needle in your business)

BONUS HACK: Put phone and notifications on DND (Do Not Disturb). This will help you stay focused more than anything.
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2 days ago

Creatively Lisa

Embarrassing secret alert! When I started my business and I'd hear people talk about prospecting and all I could think of was panning for gold. 😂 It took me months to figure it out 😫 Say Whaaaat!

When I joined my first group program I was suddenly surrounded by a group of amazing people who helped me discover what it really meant, inspire me, and point me in the right direction toward my goals to succeed.

It was scary at first, but finally, I had business besties to help me out! It's amazing what happens when you take the plunge. Awesome happens!
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3 days ago

Creatively Lisa

I read a great Forbes article the other day about the traits that all successful women share.

It got me thinking about my most successful members and the things they have in common.

Each of them:
1) They never use an excuse
2) If they can't figure something out, they do the research and discover the solution before they wait for someone else to give it to them.
3) Truly LOVE what they do and consistently work at it daily

These are key.

#successful #successfulwoman
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4 days ago

Creatively Lisa

Inbox Zero, it's a dream that I fear will never become a reality!

How many unread emails do you have?

Best one wins a wooden spoon 🤣
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4 days ago

Creatively Lisa

Becoming an entrepreneur doesn't have to cost the earth ya know! 😉 Here are my top 3 fr.e.e tips for getting started in having the freedom of an entrepreneur.

1) Listen to Entrepreneurial Podcasts - I compiled a list of Top Podcasts that really propel and support you on your journey. If you would like my fr.ee list, post the word PODCAST in the comments & I'll send it to you.

I was also interviewed by Dr. Katerina Thomas on Mental Wealth for Entrepreneurs Podcast. You can listen to the episode here: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mental-wealth-for-entrepreneurs/id1507205278?i=1000489625713

2) Constantly build YOU! Read, read, read! 🤓 Always be reading books to expand you and learn from other successful entrepreneurs. I am currently reading 2 at the moment. What's a book you are reading?

3) Have the courage and love yourself enough to do what you truly want, take the first step, and NEVER STOP! 💪💫😁

I am here to support you!

You can do it, just say YES! 🥰

If you would like to how I did it successfully and know more about what I am doing, leave a comment.
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